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Explore the Crafts & Culture of the Kingdom

ThaiCraft invite you on journey through these web pages to explore a wide range of handmade crafts from all regions of Thailand and to introduce you to some of the artisans who have created

When grouped together, Thai handicraft are an exciting blend of the many diverse ethnic cultures and traditions found within this Kingdom. In spite of some adaptation, the age-old culture and ethnic origins of these artisans shout loudly from these pages. These are craft skills of love which involve much time, patience and talent. Crafts are vitally important as means of preserving the traditional life value of community life and protecting the environment in Thailand.

For example, many craftspeople have revived techniques that had almost disappeared, such as the use of natural dyes in silk and cotton weaving while other have found alternative materials for baskets.

Behind every craft is a fascinating stories of people. Sustaining a market for their crafts provides support for these people and their families through income generation as well as the dignity and confidence derived from creative production. These people wish to be recognised as proud artisans who have painstakingly hand-craft the items shows in these pages. They have adapted and developed their indigenous craft skills for marketing productions rather than, as formerly, just for their own families or local community use. They are all members of community-based groups run by themselves or set up by other with the sole objective of supporting the sFreuccessful production and marketing of their crafts. ThaiCraft is committed to promoting just and fair trade principles to enable true artisans to gain independence.

ThaiCraft works in partnership with over 70 artisan groups nationwide. We encourage you to explore further and discover their aesthetic riches and textures.

Please join together with us in helping to preserve this Kingdom’s heritage of craft traditions and to enable Thailand’s artisans to gain The Art of Self-Reliance.